Where can I drive a Formula 1 car?

For most people who are closest to the Formula 1 car, the Formula 1 copy is loaded on the Xbox or PS3, comfortable on the couch, and a great workout for the television. However, if you are in the UK, there is a way to get behind your real ex Formula 1 car with the Formula 1 driving experience in the Three Sisters Race Circuit.

Your day begins when you arrive at the circuit at 8.30 am after registration, followed by coffee and breakfast. Once the tank is full, it leads to a sports train led by a professional instructor who will lead you through five familiar circles to show the ranks and pass on your intense knowledge of the track. Get detailed information about safety and high-speed driving techniques right after cognitive circles. Now, technical things are not up to the time of driving skills when they go to the wheel of a sports salon up to 10 laps, with a driver analysis of a professional competitor.

After completing the analysis, the real experience begins. First, the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, which is quickly followed by the outstanding Ferrari 360 Modena, is the professional competitor on both sides of both drives, giving you advice and encouraging you to get the most out of these fantastic cars.

After completing the supercar drives, it is time to leave the instructor on the pit wall when you save ten laps with a car for a unique racing car. This session gives you the opportunity to build trust because these cars have no traction, no ABS and no room for the instructor to sit next to it. Having held ten rounds behind the gearbox, it is up to you to carry out the next session at the one-person seat.

During the one-person sessions, it will be time to think about what you learned at lunch and refreshments.

Lunch and it's time to restore your helmet when performance increases in Formula 3 RALT RT30 / 32. It can only contain 165 hp, but it is only one step away from Formula 1. The F3 car is extremely light and sharp, accelerating between 0 and 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds. After ten laps, without a car, he will take care of the ear in his ear, waiting for the next drive in a real ex Form 1 racing car.

With everything we've learned in your mind, now is the time to get into a 3-liter Nicholson Mclaren Cosworth V8 or Judd KV 3 Liter ex Formula 1, which was previously led by Luca. Badoer and Aguri Suzuki. With a 600-horsepower 6-speed manual sequential gearbox, the next tenms are what dreams do.

After the experience, afternoon tea and a certificate will be presented, where you can share your experiences with the competitors. However, this does not end, with overnight accommodation and dinner in the form of a Formula 1 driving experience near the race track.

The Formula One driving experience is the Three Sisters Race Circuit, Wigan, Lancashire. Every driver must have a full driving license for at least three years.

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