Where is the Hybrid Car Market in the future?

We all heard a lot about hybrid cars slowly and we hear more and more between $ 2 and $ 3 / gallon each month. But where are the hybrids we promised? Currently there are only about 12 hybrid models available on the market that you can purchase in the United States. Research shows that up to 2012 hybrids can be available up to 52 models.

More and more people buy a hybrid car, and even when 33% of all Americans surveyed, they think they are buying the next car. As the average person buys a car every three or four years, which means that if there are more loaves of bread we can see much more on the road.

The problem is; that very few build today's hybrids. In fact, this percentage reaches less than 1% of the 17 million cars annually. Why are you interested in purchasing hybrid cars? Well, when asked, almost everyone said that one of the reasons was to improve fuel consumption. And only a few people considered them one of the reasons was to help the environment.

Although many consumers, for other reasons, prevent the number one reason for fuel saving; helps to break America's foreign oil dependency, receive tax credit, and wants new technology. However, as more and more hybrid cars are built, they will sell more that has attracted American automakers to jump into the game. Please consider this in 2006.

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