Who is Stig?

Anonymous Stig's mission is to create perfect lap times in exotic superercas and make fatal sacrifices with impeccable accuracy.

The BBC Top Gear came back on the screen this weekend, Auto Trader launches Top Gear, the biggest realm of racing: Who is Stig?

Last week, Russ Swift stalker invited him to – and William Hill's bookwriter makes him a 2/1 favorite. Trackside Keith Collantine scores the pitch.

What do we know about Stig?

Top Gear appearances suggest that Stig is a man and has an average, eclectic musical taste.

But the theories abound there are actually more Stig. Can there be more people behind the mask? Let's see.

Russ Swift

Advantages: If there are two Stigs, then Russ Swift must be one of them. No one can equip the dangerous tricks of Stig as the owner of multiple stunt records.

Last week we asked the question, and the answer said, "No comment … What … (laughs) what is Top Gear like Stig, the fact that no one knows who it is.

Cons: I spend a lot of time in the country with international car racing appearances

But this did not stop me from working in the past for Top Gear – three grandmother taught the donut …

Ellen MacArthur [19659002] Benefits: The fastest celebrity is the Top Gear Suzuki Liana.

Cons: Although MacArthur is clearly lacking in driving skills or mental retardation, physical condition (female, short) and Stig (male, high) do not match. ] In addition, given that it has spent a huge amount of time on a giant boat in the world, it is doubtful that it would have been able to recognize the shooting obligations.

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