Why are children crying? The basic work for new moms

For the new mothers, the ever-weeping baby is probably the most depressing thing that can happen. You were born now, you have brought a new life to this world, but now it seems that this world is torture for your child. All this seems different now and you suddenly understand that the mother is actually more emotionally involved than you think.

Every child weeps and we all assume that this is the only way to communicate their needs with the world. Being an amateur in the mothers area is important to understanding their own children; when and why it cries and what it means. Only then will you know how to comfort him by relieving the discomfort.

Well, babies are crying for various reasons, because just like we do, there are different comfortable zones in different situations. Hunger is the simplest and most logical reason for the crying baby. Given that they only feed breast milk for a few months, it makes sense when the baby is hungry quickly and sucks after 20 minutes. But hey, that's why there is a breast; to feed the baby. So be fodder. As the belly is full, it calms her body and calms her.

Another reason why most children are crying constantly is a discomfort. Maybe you're too hot or too cold. As a general rule, doctors recommend just one more piece of clothing than you are. This can feel comfortable enough for the baby to rest. Make sure the clothes are too tight. Do not forget that baby is not as hard as yours. So thin jeans and other tight clothes are probably not the best solution. Again, check whether the diaper is contaminated. Babies are light. If they have to pee or poo, they just go ahead and drop the shell. You do not care if you judge them. Mom, it's your duty to check if your baby's diaper is dirty and clean. The more delay the test, the greater the chance of infection in the infant.

Babies can cry because they just need a little day. Like you, babies like to relax and maybe they do not know how to fall asleep. They cry because they want to keep it and laugh until they sleep. They only came from the womb where everything was warm and calm. It is natural that they are still comfortable and safe to feel. So hold on to you and let the rhythm of your heart beat him to sleep. Follow him gently and sing quietly until he sleeps. Nature insisted on this duty. So do not miss the baby

Finally, if your baby's grave sounds higher or if you cry, even if you follow these mistakes, there may be some sign of something wrong; perhaps a complex health issue. Come to your pediatrician as soon as possible and check it before it is too late.

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