Why do hybrid car drivers need thick skin?

Buying a hybrid car is more than calculated on fuel saving. This is a statement about "rescuing the planet".

Even if the odds are fairly thin, hybrid technology really makes a lot of difference, it gives hybrid owners the right to feel better. After all, they care about the planet. And the rest of the world obviously does not.

But if you are the hybrid owners, it's better you're ready to lose some of your friends. Here.

1. At the theoretical level, at least the hybrid owners are opposed to the guys who are just struggling to get into the passing lane and leave the others. You know the type. You move your own business based on the expressway and the otherwise ordinary guy in the vehicle behind you, even before you get to the highway.

The hybrid owners are just the opposite. For years they have known that driving slowly saves fuel. So it is likely to be moving faster than the rest of the world.

The fact that it leads to hybrids only makes it worse, as it knows that all possible savings will be lost if you try to move quickly.

Especially when it's accelerating. That guy in a high-performance vehicle pulling and passing … the problem of saving gas never came to mind. But hydride owners know better. For you, it's a moral duty to save fuel. The fate of the planet depends. So you will not try fast accelerations.

2. With the impulse and anti-slip material

It is said that "impulse and sliding" can make a big difference to the gas balance. The place where you speed up, of course, the speed limit, and let the car "slide" at speeds of 10 or more miles per hour. Repeat this procedure. Repeat this procedure. Repeat this procedure …

Once upon a time I had a friend who was hooked in this way. I thought you were working in the pulses, but now I know differently. He actually made environmental responsibility.

Taking away my friend's driving habits, this practice will not please other pilots who can not find out why slowing down. It's probably wise to speed up a bit when you find yourself outside the "slow" band.

All bets are disabled when they allow the carpool band to be used.

3. You just will not do it in advance!

All the rest of the world know that stop and traffic "inch" should advance. How are you doing to keep up with the leader? By the way, if you leave more than a 15 kind of gap between you and the guy, someone goes into the gap and slows it even further. Every fourth second counts.

Hybrid train drivers have said that this "beching forward" of things is pointless and waste fuel. And the way to build hybrids today makes sense. When you remove your foot from the brake pedal, the automatic stop switches off and the petrol engine restarts – like one gasoline powered golf cart. And there goes the most gas savings. All this stops and starts to soak up the gas.

But they do not expect them to understand their mono-cousin cousins. One thing is to think about where to go as quickly as possible. And everybody knows that running behind this guy is the only way to do that.

4. Do you really think that you have to write this way?

The owner of the responsible hybrid has all the advantages of saving gas. Designing larger vehicles is a technique that will be more aggressive. The place where you sit behind a semi van, van or SUV, and try to stay in the air pocket behind it.

I remember doing this with an old "Beetle" a few years ago. We traveled to New York's Thruway in twilight. We spent a great time and saved a lot of energy … until we hit a stick. After a 200-mile traction, the car was sold to our father station car and a quick installer.

Of course, if someone is sticking with a bumper, it will not invite too many pilots. And as I realized it was a little dangerous. You find yourself a bit faster than otherwise. And the rear sketch that does not do much does not do much for your stability.

Just try to remember when you're on a highway to rescue the planet, the rest of the world may be less interested in moral superstitious driving. All they want to do is go wherever they can.

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