Why do they like to introduce the Arabs?

This summer, London's newspapers and magazines were full of stories and pictures of Arab millionaires who dazzled their enthusiasm (and sometimes surprises) with passers-by of the British capital's West End. Young Kings and oligarchs who show up in the only magazines magazine super cars and young Arab women walking in luxury department stores like Harrods and Selfridges, diamond watches and jewels wearing dresses, advertising luxury brands, taking into account the headlines and the number of logos on the handbag.

The Westerners who do their best to suppress and make elegance for simplicity are shocked by such attractions and why they want to show Arabs off.

To answer this question, we have to look at three different angles: cultural, religious and historical.

Cultural Reasons

The more Eastern in this world, the more the culture of the show is felt. You do not even have to leave Europe to face the lazy attitude towards luxury. Think about Italy … did you see a new Italian? They also cover brand names from head to toe … OK, perhaps, the Italians know how to have multiple presenters wearing brand names, but this does not reduce the fact that they like to show. The Spaniards, the Greeks, the Russians and the Turks live the same cultural attitudes. It becomes clear that "It does not appear" only exists in France, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the Scandinavian countries.

But why are we just watching the Arabs? Simply because in summer, there are more Arab tourists in London than all other nationalities. In addition, Arabs can drive the fastest cars in excess, depending on their wealth, they can wear the largest stones and stay in the city's most exclusive title. But supposing we are giving the same wealth to one of the eastern cultured nations, do we really think that their citizens will not be even more spectacular than the Arabs? Did I hear about Onassis? Did you see Berlusconi? Exactly!

Religious Reasons

There is a poem in the Qur'an that if translated into English, it would mean "And you must talk about the gifts of your God" … or in other words, show what God has given you. It leads to the belief that it is bad or not religious, that it is rich and does not show its wealth. Knowing that religion in the East, especially in the Arab world, forms a way of life, attitude, behavior, and social relationships, it is not surprising to find people who compete for the gifts of their God, a race that reflects fashion, cars, houses, lifestyles, etc.

The wonderful thing in these societies is the way they look underrated people, those who are in the West a good taste because they do not show it. They are considered unlucky !!! Arabs believe that rich people who do not show their wealth will hide something and be rumored in Arab societies. You can not get rich and wear a Casio watch or drive Ford Fiesta because people think you're afraid of something … maybe you're afraid of your fortune or worse, people think you're a rookie or do not know how to do it your money. Historical Reasons

During the history of the East, the Arabs and the Arabs were in a strange way with regard to oversupply and generosity. If you look at the Arab architecture of the Middle Ages, then the way in which buildings are decorated is too rich. The Arab Caliphs' palaces of mercury filled ponds where tiger leather pillows floated to rest. Arab women were wearing the pure gold belt that was the rarest of stones and clothes that were made of the finest silk imported from India and China. The books were written by thousands and dressed in the skin of the gazelle … even the horses and the camels were decorated with silver and gold chains. It all existed at the time when Europe lived in the darkest ages of his life and when Charles still learned to write his name.

An industrial revolution, which has created new wealth and a better life for craftsmen, but misery and extreme poverty for the working class. Luxury in Europe has always been attentive to being a gentleman or lady who appears as a man who perceives the suffering of the disadvantaged majority. All abundant but useful was not useful for bad taste and the luxury elements considered innovation. It was obvious in fashion, suits, hats and umbrellas instead of decorated dresses and tiaras. This happened in Europe, while the eastern, especially the Arab world slipped into its own dark ages, carrying a shell of a glamor past and sounding on the memories of their successful ancestors.

Two different historical paths shaped the two flavors of very different cultures, but who is right and who is wrong? Well, who says you have underestimated the good and the jealous bad? Who says we should not show up? Who decides whether super cars should be re-purchased and re-used for re-use of the law? In my opinion, the fact that London papers and magazines have written articles about Arabs that the Arabs have been shown in London, the city seems to have bad taste and something that brings journalists around … but you think that Dubai, for example, do journalists write their citizens' presentation? No, because the show in Dubai and other Arab cities is normal and underestimated, we are surprised and shocked by the audience.

You just have to listen to Arabs talking about the bad taste of Westerners, and you know that, that's the reason.

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