Why do we like exotic cars?

I have a good friend who is less interested in cars. Controls Toyota Tundra and keeps it in a pretty dirty condition. For guys like him, I wonder what happened? He often stated that cars did not mean him. I think he was a great guy, but something had to happen in his "car." I guess what guy does not like a great car? There are rare rare ones like my friend, but for the rest, the "autogenic" edge is alright.

To myself, I have to say that I look like a general car boy. There are Porsche purists as another good friend that names will be avoided, but they are so hungry at Porsche that they do not even give another balance to other cars. There are Ferrari guys, Lambo guys, Lotus boys, Vette boys, Viper boys and the list goes on. Personally, I love all kinds of cars, but of course are mostly exotic, rare sports cars that are fast and incredible. Looking back at my youth, my dad was not particularly in the cars, and frankly, he did not really care for those he had. He broke (still) more cars than I remember. So for the rest, those who look at the exotic car on exotic cars, local supermarket magazines or exotic car wallpapers, why do we adore these exotic cars?

Frankly, I do not have a general answer, but I know why I like them personally. I have several reasons, and the highest on my list is how incredible it is. Cars are part of our daily lives, and "normal" cars with "most" people are good, boring. They're safe, conservative and just ugly. There are some that look good as most Mercedes and BMW are more popular than before and look good, Mazda has beautiful lines, delicacies are nice, Nissan and Hyundai have good cars, this rare car, end , an exotic sports car that is so damn good looking. Sex is usually the thought that reminds me and my criterion. Although there are cars that have exotic cars such as Lotus Elan and Noble, they are just not in the appearance section. Elan, while being a rare and cool old car, is endlessly ugly than home-made soap (Sorry Elan owners). Well, I know that good looks are in the eyes of the viewer, but nothing is sexier than the Lotus Elise lines or a low body Ferrari or Lamborghini.

Then there's the speed. Raw power and speed for a sexy look. I remember in the 80's the Countach was a cool exotic car, but power was not that great. Now, Lamborghini, Ferraris and Porsche have exceeded such power limits to be astonishing.

Combine a sexy looking car and know that it moves faster than light speed and there is a fantastic reason you like it. For those who have a strong "Car Gene", this is no better than that.

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