Why is the justice system hurt?

Are lawyers lying in the courtroom and distorting justice? Always, every day. Any lawyer lying and distorting the truth? But 20 years of exercise in the court room in the Washington State and the military justice system I saw there were lawyers who lied and distorted justice, so I can not tell how many times, s. Maybe more than 1,000 times.

Are lawyers lying and distorting the truth? In many ways, starting with the first threatening letter. Here are the lies of lawyers and the distortion of justice in America:

  1. He sent good honest citizens with threatening letters filled with false accusations and false statements;
  2. Implementing harassment actions involving many threats, including letters and other legal steps;
  3. By threatening innocent citizens with stress and anxiety with false accusations, forcing them to keep their own attorney with a huge unnecessary expense;
  4. Destroying neighborhoods and communities to represent clients who use lies and intimidation to get what they want;
  5. By forcing good people into deposits with bold and offensive lies and false accusations, all of which are very confusing for a normal person;
  6. Using other means of discovery (interrogators, motions, repetitive finds, numerous court hearings), people are being intimidated, stressed, and considered their protection too expensive;
  7. He expressed the sentences and sentences in aggressive false evidence in speech and hearing;
  8. By adhering to the Code of Conduct, their clients are "eager to represent", though truth is not relevant and unnecessary;
  9. By adhering to the rules of evidence, even using it appropriately, it deliberately distorts facts, distorts the law or both;

    If it is doubtful that these things are true, ask the good and honest people who were raped by the justice system during a long and expensive legal battle and strong

    It is a tragedy that the law and bar associations do nothing to curb such a bad behavior. It is also a tragedy that judges do not bring lawyers in the courtroom for their lies. Personally, I have heard a number of court hearings where the obvious one of the attorneys was bold and the judges simply ignored the obvious and claimed that everyone was doing their job while justice was manipulated and distorted. Of course, judges usually claim that they do not know who is lying This easy way out .

    Do you have good and honest lawyers? Yes, but many lawyers we know to be good are still doing such things. Are there lawyers who do not lie and practice just and fair practices? Yes, but little and far between them. This article is not about good lawyers, but about liars who destroy our justice.

    No wonder the legal profession enjoys such a terrible reputation! No wonder our justice system falls so far and no wonder the truth is completely irrelevant in court hearings or court hearings. We call so many ideas and problems to modern day euphemism, sometimes we have to name the judicial system and call it an "injustice system". At least that would be much more accurate, and accuracy and truth are still far from relevant in this United States?

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