Why not get a new hybrid car?

Dave, could I get a hybrid to save the gas? In the long run, it has a financial sense, do not you? Gas prices kill the budget – hybrid is the only answer!

For many years now, I've had a lot of questions about people from all over America about these cool, new hybrid cars. Let me tell you straight – do not get one!

As hybrids are new, they will accelerate faster and become more valuable. You do not want to sell a high-value, first-generation model in five years, because the value will fall.

Are you really losing money?

Mathematics does not work Suppose you currently drive a $ 10,000 vehicle, which will be 15 miles / gallon. Here's the $ 25,000 hybrid that you think you're buying, which will be 25 miles / gallon. This is a $ 15,000 price difference just to reach 10 miles for a gallon. If you do 100 miles a week, there's about a $ 10 difference a week.

So it would be about $ 40 a month if you spend a month in the gas when you get stuck in the current car. Monthly car payment is more than this! To get money at the current gas price, it lasts almost 29 years to save $ 15,000 in gasoline!

Mathematics DOES NOT work! You have to go to the moon and back it is worth it!

What to do

  • Get another car. If you want to sell your depot car, buy another car that does not exceed the price of the previous car – that does not mean paying the cars!
  • Get closer to work. Describe all the details to see if there is any sense in your specific situation.
  • Change jobs. Nobody says he has to work where he is doing. You always have the opportunity to work in a home environment or start a home business.

Do not use this gas-related thing as a rationalization to get a new car or get one more more. Think About Intelligent Decisions before you start buying something that really loses money.

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