Why Use Chauffeur Service?

There are several reasons for this. Highly-fledged businessmen and women can easily use the bus. Keeps them free from traffic so you can easily reach the well-deserved breath, or if you can not withstand, you can continue working on the back seat for a curve or business negotiations.

Many celebrities use it for protection, some use it, so they are free to drink and continue to receive private transport without the risk of driving. Indeed, many celebrities have been known in the past for losing their permission to drink.

Of course, this is not just something that has an impact on the rich and the famous. Consumers of fatalities last year reported being high at all times. Those lucky enough to not experience loss of life through this crazy act can lose their driving license if they catch it.

Documented that 300 000 drivers a year lose their driving license in the United Kingdom. There are many reasons for drink driving, speeding, and motorcycle criminals.

It is important to consider the costs that this driver incurs, except for the 148 comfortable travel hours lost during the average 10-month ban.

It is estimated that it will spend £ 2,654 per person on alternative routes. This includes taxes, buses, trains, and friends and relatives. Add that expected £ 157 lost to unused tax and insurance, and this will bring the total payout of over 2800. font Each assuming that, of course, not a new leader who has a ban will result in a recalculation cost.

Those who can afford to hire some banned drivers to drive a car by bus. Of course, this is cost enough and can contribute to 62% of drivers who claim that the ban has changed their driving habits. 21% of drivers said with concern that the ban had no effect on driving skills, and 13% said they had fallen into their habits.

In November 2007, we encountered a very tough blow by the UK authorities on tax-free vehicles. Many have found that they are MOT and / or uninsured, and many cars have been bound and withdrawn.

With a fleet of Hi-tech tapes, each of which can capture 10,000 car plates in one day, there is no hiding place for tax evaders. DVLA sets up images of perpetrators and is more and more able to target targeted areas. It is estimated that more than 1.55 million road tax experts are currently in the whole of Britain and want to remove all of them from the roads. Because of the risk of stereotyped sound, permissions suggest that those who do not have the trouble in violating UK law are often involved in other types of offenses.

To avoid the cost and inconvenience of losing a license or vehicle, let alone loss of life due to the unsafe vehicle or the driver's way, there are only two options. Observe the law or get a rented car.

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