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The success of the movie depends largely on how players play their part. That's why buy top-ranking actors after the movie industry. One such actor is going to be named Will Smith.

Smith is not only an actor, but also more talented people who have participated in films or TV shows as directors, productions, writers and even musicians. It's hard to ignore your talent, as it's a brief glimpse into the list of Will Smith movies with some cramped gestures.

Will Smith's list of films is long. It all started in 1992 when Smith featured Manny in the well-received movie where the sun was taking. Next year, two films immediately followed the race, which eventually started out of Will Smith's stage career.

His first 1993 film was the movie "Made in America" ​​featuring Whoopi Goldberg. The next is a movie called "Six Step Separation". This got Smith in the role of Donald Sutherland as the referee.

From that point, maybe even before, the list of Will Smith movies was impressive. Together with Martin Lawrence, Will Smith was featured in the 1995 film "Bad Boys". This is followed by "Independence Day", which was first presented in 1996.

The 1997 "Sci-Fi" in Men in Black featured Will Smith with Tommy Lee Jones. In 1998, Smith gained the lead in the movie "Enemy of the State". 1999 was a busy year for Smith; he played two roles in the film. First was "Torrance Rises" and the next "Wild Wild West".

"Welcome to Hollywood" and "The Legend of Bagger Vance" were all filmed in 2000 and featured on Will Smith. During the year 2001, Smith has the chance to play in one of the great boxing tournaments, "Ali".

Due to their critical successes, two of Smith's previous films have been resumed. First in "Men in Black II" was first introduced in 2002. This was followed by "Bad Boys II" next year. In 2004, the list of Will Smith films grew bigger. "Jersey Girl", "Me, Robot" and "Shark Tale" were the first years.

The romantic comedy "Hitch" debuted in 2005. Next year, Smith gained the lead role in the inspirational drama "The Pursuit of Happiness". Another sci-fi thriller showed Smith's talent in the film, "I Am Legend". 2008 was the first two of Will Smith's films. These were "Hancock" and "Seven Pounds".

We can not help Will Smith's list of movies, but we're afraid of the quality of the movies. As long as Will Smith continues with top quality movies, the list, along with his legions of fans, will continue to grow.

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