Without Hypermiling Prius

Have you ever heard of "Hypermilers" – people who do not satisfy their hybrids 50 miles per gallon. Instead, they strive to get 70-80 mpg or more. Various techniques are used, including the addition of batteries to their car, slow driving and accelerating, while driving, etc.

But those who do not have hybrid can be "hypermile". We can use the same techniques as the pros (why keep your foot on the accelerator when you see the cars stop before a red light?).

Of course, the most effective way to forget your car is hypermile . Walk, ride a bike, take a bus, train or a car.

But assuming you have to lead, what do you need to do? Here are some techniques: Inflatable tires : The more inflated, the less friction means that you use as much fuel as you do not drive fast : This is a well-known worst offender for FE Economy). Your engine is the least effective at higher speeds.

Do not hesitate if possible : Yes, you burn fuel and go anywhere. Turn off your car. If it's hot, there's no punishment to start.

Avoid Frequent Short Routes : It does not give you time to warm up. Wait until you have a lot of orders, and do it all at once.

Avoid A / C : Hard call on a hot summer day. But yes, it can reduce the stroke by 5-30% if max. These tablets cost around $ 2 and dramatically increase gas mileage, clean the engine, and allow them to switch from Premium to regular gas.

Hypermiling and some advanced techniques are discussed later. Until then, fold it green, green.

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