Woman in 69 – The Ultimate Oral Sex Position

The name of position 69 is derived from the physical arrangement of male and female bodies so that they simultaneously give each other oral pleasure. In the next few paragraphs you will learn how to master 69th woman to maximize derivative sexual stimulation. It is certainly worth perfecting; getting 69th position during oral sex is able to provide the most sexual stimulation. In fact, there are three types of 69 positions, but we must first get ready for action.

Preparing for the 69th position

When preparing a woman in position 69, both man and woman must sting naked,. It would be blurry to try oral sex without the first wash. This can be inserted into the foreground

Position 69 next to it

Along with your partner lie in the opposite direction on the bed; such as the genitals, and close to your face and vice versa. Turn sideways, facing your partner, and put your thighs. Keep your partner in the hip opening and start oral sex.

Top and Bottom Position 69

Lies on your partner's back. They looked across the chest to their feet. Move the genitals over your face and adjust yourself so that the sexual sex is in front of your face. Let's start oral sex.

The Standing 69 Positions

Generally, man is usually physically and physically capable of doing so. Keep your feet or calves with the woman while holding your ankles or calves. As her sex organs are close to her lips, the male's body must also be in a good position to be able to perform an erection easily.

Like all sexual positions, the 69th position requires practice. However, this is more than worth it. A 69-year-old woman is able to provide sexual stimulation for oral sex acts; it feels much better to receive oral sex while doing it. Keep in mind that you practice good hygiene and incorporate your initial ablutions into your pre-game.

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