Yamaha R15 India

In June 2008, the Yamaha R15 India model reaches the road in about 5 months and has already launched its young cycling enthusiasts. Not to mention the awesome torque and incredible ability to ride on convulsive roads on wrecked roads. The bicycle has a city tour but is on Indian biking trails. No doubt it is equipped with the latest MotoGP technology, the Yamaha R15 today seems to be the most popular bike in India.

The test drive and a Yamaha R15 review point out that it is a 4-stroke, 150cc engine with liquid chill. The bike does not rattle, or it will be cumbersome during a long time, and incredibly less noise. The single-cylinder engine is equipped with an aluminum forged piston and 6-speed gearbox. The bicycle has a rear brake disc. Yamaha R 15 in India has been using Aluminum Aluminum DiASil bottles. These bottles optimize fuel efficiency and make engine weight lighter.

The Yamaha R15 India model reflects the gorgeous look and monocross suspension that provides high shock absorption performance. The chassis Deltabox's chassis structure not only gives chisel-like appearance but also provides cool stability to the bicycle. Fuel tank capacity 12 liters

Both front and rear wheels are fitted with rubber-coated tires that provide the driver with better road traction and fuel consumption. The Yamaha R 15 India is equipped with multi-reflector headlamps and is environmentally friendly and meets all emission control standards. This high-performance bicycle is easy to handle, but the price of the Yamaha R15 is too convincing to be able to do everything.

The Yamaha R15 India Motorcycle is the first supersport bicycle, but with the above-mentioned price tag More than 80,000, you will think about it several times before you notice the dream of the Yamaha R15. Many people vote for the high-end pulsar at the same price and even less. However, Yamaha's engineering work should not be appreciated at all costs.

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