You can choose from all the supercars why a Porsche 911 is being held?

Porsche Leadership Experience
Many supercars look great, many are doing well, and many draw their lines back to the legacy of the race. However, there are few superstars, however, and a silent understanding that they are the best in their own field. The Porsche 911 sees the head in Ferrari or Lamborghini, but does not require a rough outer line because it raises a passion inside the driver that he simply can not find with a Mercedes CL, relies on a legacy that makes Audi A R8 seem impossible, and is confident that it is mechanically better for Aston Martins.

The Porsche 911's simple straight line has not changed for good reasons over the years. The clean form is perfect for cutting air and did not need trick or redesign to improve it. Some of the different Porsche models have been entering the market over the years, but the marquee model has remained constant, the 911

Those who were lucky to drive, not just their own Porsche 911, preach the elegance and craft of cars, but most of all their handling and performance , which is above the head and shoulders of any other supercar. The touch you get through the wheel can be sure you understand it completely. Steering is exaggerated, emits signals that allow it to react and when the reaction is needed, the treatment is unmarked.

Performance is noteworthy. Depending on the models, it will drop to 60 km / h for about 4-5 seconds and exceed 170 km / h if you feel you have to experiment with the blink of an eye. It's simply exciting to drive. The motorcycle whistle stops people and opens their mouth as they disappear into the night.

Comfort level is also high on Porsche. The car is growing at home and it will be easy to drive and it's easy to live. Something you get, as opposed to some & # 39; The Italian super cars show amazing reliability. Germans are better able to do this than anyone else and after-sales service will be more reliable than the car itself.

Porsche introduced the 911 in 1963. They wanted a special superstore for the rear motor, both of which were practical for driving but did not endanger the performance. Porsche has built and developed the 911s over the years, but has remained faithful to the original concept and design.

The Porsche 911 was the supreme superstar in the Century of the Century by the Global Automotive Choice Foundation and is just the iconic family of the Model T, the Mini, the Beetle and the Citroen DS.

With its long service life and steadily high sales, the 911 is undoubtedly the largest supercar ever.

Why do you need to drive a 911?
The Porsche 911 is the highlight of the Porsche model. Porsche's success is more popular with "lighter" cars such as Boxster, which have merit, but when it comes to supercar performance, the 911 is the only real option. Cayenne offers a better way of doing it, and it can deliver dependable performance on its own, but when it is all told and done, a family car. The Porsche 911 is about itself and the time behind the wheel. It's fun to get to B from A and what people think of them once you're there and climb up on such a wonderful sports car. If you find a sparkling Italian number or a secure English workhorse, your perception will be completely different from a 911. Then you enter the fray with you, which 911 has helped to elegance, underperformed superiority, and most of all, shows that during your 911 election, you understand the finer things in life and in real, lasting quality.

Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston and Audi R8 are all amazing and they're all champions. The Audi has a fantastic 4.2-liter engine and four-wheel drive. It's a sparkling sportswear with a great modern look likely to be a few years away. Aston Martin offers a popular British supremacy and the Italians are slightly in their faces beside Ferraris and Lamborghini, and despite being the only alternative to the Porsche 911.

There are special supercars that smaller companies are making worth considering, such as Zonda and Saleen, after a small individual. There are also Japanese manufacturers that have tried to market the supersport market, for example. The Nissan GT-R.

However, those who know cars buy a Porsche 911.

Which model?
You can not go wrong with a Porsche. The only choice is the amount of energy needed and, therefore, if the turbo model goes. The Carrera 4 models also feature a complete four-wheel drive for extra towage. The entry model will develop 320 bhp while the turbo option destroys 420 bhp.

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